Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Create Dynamic Contact Info Form -AS3

This project is basically describing how to send data to a database by using flash action script 3.
  • All the GUI controls are listed in the xml file. GUI is created by reading the values in xml. So this makes high user interaction where user can simply add the control to xml and view it in the design. (And you can get an idea how to read values from XML)
  • PHP is used for connecting MYSQL database and Flash form. You can use any server side code to create the link between Application and DB.(You Can get an idea of sending data from flash from and retrieving values from server side program).
  • This example gives you an idea, the way of using “oop” in proper manner.

Source code is available at following link:

  • SQL file is available in the folder where you can create the database easily.

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